a song about the sea, a song about sex, a song about using both to drown yourself

by Figurehead

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Figurehead is:
Andrew Baird
Cristian DeRosa
Evan Wachowski
Tom Mellen

Please listen through quality headphones or stereo speakers.


let me start another way, another iteration of the
same repeated problem in the same old situation where i
say that things are changing, but i don’t want to replace all of the
things we’ve been erasing, been removing all the ancient meta-
phors and prophecies, i’ve spent some time swimming from sea to sea but
never found an ocean where the water tasted quite as sweet as
beads of sweat upon your lips; the tidal waves of hearts and hips had
sunk me far too many times, but now i miss the feeling when they
wrapped around my ankles; pulled me off the shore and out to sea, the
tickle and the tangle of the algae reaching out for me, the
vines said they were anchors left behind by boats not meant to stay a-
bolished to the seafloor, said they need a proper candidate

and that was me

but let me sink another way, go on my own volition, i’ll
meet you somewhere on the sea, follow the apparition of
something i could only ever fathom being acquainted with though
maybe direct contact would be the thing that finally sinks the ship, so
when you’re good and ready, tie me to my bed with seaweed chains a-
round my wrists and ankles, undress me, make me whole again, com-
plete me then defeat me, takes a poison pill to please me but the
cyanide’s too bitter and the sex falls short of bittersweet so
take me to saltwater seas; i’m on the raft, you’re on your knees ‘cause
there were never guarantees if i could sit beneath the sheets no
matter how you wrap me in, i can’t be told to sink or swim so
thanks for the cement-filled boots you gave me when you called me in

just dip your feet in, darling, come on and dip your feet
i promise i won’t push you in, just dip your fucking feet
i’d never try to hurt you, love, i never tried to hurt you, you did this to yourself, my love, i never tried to hurt you

it’s that push, that pull, that give and that take; that push, that pull, straight down to the bottom


released April 12, 2014
Released 4/12/2014
Engineered and produced by Nick Borgosz at World Of Noise Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY
Music and lyrics written by Tom Mellen



all rights reserved