No One Wants To Be Your Friend

by Figurehead

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Konner This EP alone got me hooked on local music and Band camp. Have to thank these awesome musicians for opening me up not only to their amazing sound but all local music. Favorite track: Love Strong.
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Recorded with Nick Borgosz at World Of Noise in Buffalo, NY, August-September 2013.


released September 22, 2013

At the time of recording, Figurehead is:

Tom Mellen
Evan Wachowski
Andrew Baird
Chris Allan


all rights reserved


Track Name: Declaration Of Independence
i’m preaching to a choir singing far too loud to hear
the voice of reason laughing from the mouths of all their peers
blind faith produced without reason, unreasonable fear
consumes free speech; i haven’t heard a word in many years

you haven’t taught me anything except how to lose all hope
in someone opening their mind when their eyes and ears are closed
to everyone’s deaf lectures being forced into our throats
i haven’t learned about your love, i learned to lock my doors
believe me, faith in hate can’t move a mountain, stop throwing sticks and stones

so drill a hole into my skull to make sure i can feel
the pain that comes with thinking that your fantasy’s not real
you say that i’m a sinner, but there’s always time to heal
your ignorance has doomed us all

no one gets into heaven until they open up their eyes
there are bigger problems here; i won’t wait until my afterlife
to see if where i am needs any help along the way
when my work here is done, i won’t need to extend my stay
the ideals you wrote in store are benevolent and justified
i’ve felt God’s love before, we just don’t see through the same eyes
let’s separate the church and state from our church and state of mind
Track Name: Love Strong
if you’ve never done too well with love songs
if every word that’s sung just feels so wrong
and if you wish all of your friends’ relationships would just fucking end
this life just isn’t how you planned

don’t be afraid
just do what you can
to love strong

seventeen years of this thought in your head
that the ones you love only loved you for the lies you fed them
but when the truth comes out maybe they’ll follow up with shame
apologize and take some blame

and they’ll realize
that you’ll never change
so love strong

presumptions and assumptions burn and
maybe someday your friends will learn that
the words they say hurt you more than they could know
a joke, a laugh at your expense
like a landmine hidden behind a fence
that’s hit too often and replaced with every blow

it’s gotten easier, and will continue to
but this loneliness will always hover over you
but fear’s never healed a broken heart or soul
so do what you can and always know

you were born with a heart (you were born with a heart)
that always beats for you (it only beats for you)
so love strong (love strong)
Track Name: (Con)sequences
i’m worried sick about the consequences of always being worried sick; when i ask you how you are, “you don’t want to know”
don’t worry about it, don’t think too hard; we’ve been losing our minds from the start, and i know it’s all my fault, i can’t take much more
my body’s fighting back against what my thoughts are doing inside my head; there’s a burning in my chest, a hole through my heart
but my mind remains without a scratch, and you’re wrong if you believe you can reverse the doubts i’ve had since we’ve grown apart
so i force all my emotions out ‘til i forget what i’m pissed about but no matter what i blame it on myself
and when i find some evidence that it wasn’t in fact my offense, i refuse to let it change what’s in my head

i shut my eyes to make sure i go blind
just because i don’t have a better reason doesn’t translate into yours being right
i know my feelings aren’t healthy, at least i only feel this way towards myself

and i’ve got too many questions that no one ever wants to answer and then it’s always left to me to run through my mind
and the sequence keeps repeating until i wish i could stop breathing in such a way that i don’t leave a thing behind
because the last thing that i want to make is a mess you’ll have to clean someday; i’d rather end in whispers, not a bang
so i ask myself why i sing so loud if no one needs to hear about how i wish i didn’t make you take this weight

i love a man who could love his men and know anyone could end with him; a morbid concept, maybe, but it’s not wrong
you know i love my family and everything they’ve given me but still i feel that i don’t quite belong
i know i have a tendency to see the bitter side of things but i know, i know, sometimes things are great
so i’ll end the things inside my head that i can’t reconcile myself; if i don’t deserve it, who else is there to blame?
Track Name: Ten
for better days // for stronger minds
for easy ways // for compromise
recall these words // where they might not belong
“you aren’t safe nor secure // until your false hopes are gone”

so give it up // and travel on
don’t dare think of // where it went wrong
you’ll take the blame // see different views
your mind wanders away // it won’t agree with you

when you ask yourself the question, “what is it that i want?”
“the things that i’ve been praying for have torn us all apart”
“what i held inside my arms that night didn’t match the feelings in my heart”
the emotions war inside your head, you feel like you’ve been shot
and the pain keeps getting worse with each disgusting, hurtful thought
it repeats itself, ten, ten, ten times; you think you’re okay; you’re not
you know you’re not

and when words fail // to soothe your mind
the thoughts prevail // you hear ten lies
ten months, ten days // ten years, 2k
you broke my trust // you threw it away

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